Monday, April 23, 2012

Cardinal II

5 x 7 oil on gessobord - SOLD

The Chatham Art Show went very well this past weekend and I was able to sell quite a few paintings.  I really enjoyed visiting with everyone who came by and it was a fun event.   They had a 3 person combo who played Friday night featuring a fiddler - they were all wonderful!  It really set the tone for the evening!  I decided to post this cardinal I worked on last week.  It wasn't dry enough to take to the show and I wasn't totally finished with it but decided I needed to quit fiddling with it and just leave as is.  He is sort of evil looking, I fear! 

I know I don't have many "followers" on my blog but I do have quite a few viewers.  This is what keeps me painting, knowing that someone is interested in looking at what I paint.   That being said....I have a lot of viewers out there from Russia, Germany and other countries - but mostly Russia - and if I knew Russian, German, etc., I would say thank you in your language but unfortunately I don't.  If you know English, I would like to say (in Mississippi style) thank yall!

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