Friday, September 5, 2014

Life Drawing Sketches

These are some sketches from my life drawing class this spring.  The first one was where the figure was lighted with one light source to the side and we did a value drawing.  The second and third drawings are of the model unclothed (which we did first, I just have the order reversed here), then we added a vellum tissue paper over our initial drawing and drew him clothed on top of our original drawing.  The last drawing was where we could look at our paper to just place the pencil on the sketch pad, then we were not allowed to look at what we were drawing, not even to see if we were in the correct position.  Our eyes stayed on the model the entire time and we were supposed to draw her in one continuous line.   I picked my pencil up a few times and that is why the left arm is growing out of her left leg.  On some level, I sort of like the finished product, you at least get the feel of her wearing a turban.  All of these life sketches were done while being timed.  I can't recall how much time for each.  I think the last one was for 5 minutes.

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