Friday, July 12, 2013

Preliminary Ben

18 x 24 oil on stretched canvas

This is a VERY rough block-in of my son with his caddy at St. Andrews.  I have been posting unfinished paintings lately because I haven't been doing as many small ones and these just take longer.  To show that I haven't been totally idle, I'm posting this today.  I already see issues with it and even with the canvas.  I do not like stretched canvases but don't really have an alternative for the larger or odd sizes.   Also some canvas panels are too absorbent.  If I was a plan-ahead kind of person, I would have some pre-primed but that's not me.  I just jump in and start painting......  Hopefully I can get the caddy blocked in during the next session.  


  1. This is looking fantastic! Very interesting to see the process and look forward to the finished painting. I don't like stretched canvas either. I have nearly always worked on hardboard panels.

  2. A great beginning, Wanda! Is your son playing in the British Open?

  3. Thanks Susan. He played college golf but now plays strictly for pleasure. This was from a photo when he was there a couple of years ago with my husband.